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Never want to paint again? Get trim capping!

If you’re lucky enough to own a home with lots of window openings, it’s important that they all look uniform and tidy. Nothing makes an exterior look as unfinished as windows without capping. Capping your windows will protect your window frames from the elements and beautify the exterior of your home in the process .


  • Weather resistance: Capping your windows will prevent water, wind and other weather elements from getting into your home. It's specifically designed to direct these elements away from your window, so you won't have to worry about water dripping down through your windows.
  • Protection: Having your capping installed over your window frame will help prevent any damage from happening to the outside of your windows.
  • Low maintenance: Window capping can cover warped or peeling wood, saving you time from repainting the wooden frames every few years, making maintenance an absolute breeze.

Give Your Garage a Face Lift. 

Let us cap your garage door! Call us today to reduce maintenance and give your home a cleaner and more seamless appearance. 

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